Sketching Winter – Romance On The 205


The night creeps into the day

The frost will bite, the sun won’t shine


The winter draws the cold in

Yet sketches thoughts of you in me


I see not bleakness in winter’s pallor

Just colour in the nuance of your caress


As lust settles to softness like falling snow

We two, hiding under weighted red covers


What chance has darkness in thought?

When such kisses inspire hearts to rush, to gush


To breathe you in, the freshest air

I loathe to exhale, expel such sweetness


There is romance in this numbered carriage

The bus wheels skip like heart-beats


The tenderness in concrete

My eyes drunk as if staring at the candles flame


No, this winter calls me not to fret

This winter is of fire-side, glow and you.


© Copyright Dean Stephenson 2011

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