WWW dot

World-wide waste, a sewerage plot

Reflections of a human rot

Its darkness taints the melting pot


Warriors wield the board of keys

To slay the weak and shoot the breeze

Rub hands in filth of freak show sleaze

Encrust the web, discard their seed


Fool Tsunamis, irk and tire

Proud indeed for what they sire

Puppets prance, contort, conspire

To be a cunt without the wires


Its glow casts shadows, tall and towered

Gives voice to those who snipe and cower

Plant seeds to preach, then crush the flower

As drunks will want, when given power


This hate domain of slash and com

This no man’s land, this virtual Somme

Where friendly fire needs no bomb

Makes lovers curse, despair, upon


Swarm debates of postured splendour

Poised and masked like sex offenders

The virus spreads its blind agenda

Copies, pastes, returns to sender


© Copyright Dean Stephenson 2010

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