Night Bus – Rejection On The N253


Lost pennies stew in spilt beer on Pop Rocket Lino
Graffiti stained shutters swirl in her periphery
Hackney smokes like a bombsite in afterglow

African churchgoers pour silent scorn
Their breasts spill over crossed forearms
Her knees feel naked, bony and genderless

She pines for the comfort of fantasy
All grief glows brightly and out of reach
The devastation of vodka and rejection

She wipes away last night’s nicotine thinned lipstick
Wishing to replace wax and bitterness with his lips
Shrinking, child-like, she clutches her cherry stained tissue

The sky turns Azure to peach
The promise of an unwelcome summer’s day
Dreading her curtains collusive anaemia

She begins a Fawn-like exit
Heels scuffing when once they skipped
Stepping onto bubble-gum patched pavements
The bus leaves her, as did he, to the interrogation of a cold London morning

© Copyright Dean Stephenson 2012

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