Love Letter To A Stranger – Romance On The Northern Line

London Underground logo

Rocking back and forth under dazzling strip lights
Vacant faces resembling haunted paintings
All serving to illuminate you

Furtive glances under Squirrels imploring me to open bank accounts
Eyeballs acting like repellent magnets
Leading me to gaze at flirtatious feet

I stare unconvincingly into a book whose words have become unfocused patterns
Your summer dress flitters then flutters
The eroticism of the knee

The lights dim, all fades but you
We glide on rails, mind gaps, dine on Oysters
Light headed in this Helium Tunnel

All is motion akin to summer’s breeze
Your neck bows in persuasion
Curving like branches on a willow tree

Coloured lines weave inter-locking fingers from cascading psychedelic maps
Like paint dripping from tropical birds
And lipstick slashing the air

All jerks to a violent halt
Haunted faces come alive
You are swept away in a tide of impatience

The seats exhale, I sigh at my reflection in the dark window
Left to curse my muteness
As electricity cackles once more

My eyes search for you over a sunken shoulder
A slow blink farewell
And you are lost forever, in the ether of flesh and concrete

© Copyright Dean Stephenson 2012

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