My enemy, my true obsession
The blame lies at your door
It is to you, I send confession
These candid words are yours

None shall ever come between
Not love, not hope nor woe
These walls I build, to keep you in
The one I truly loathe

I put the world to rights and wrong
Rip hairs from thinning crown
This schizophrenic siren song
Calls me back to drown

Shades of grey will polarise
The arrogance of hell
Accursed I cross my evil eye’s
Perpetuating spell

I twist and turn and lay awake
Till hours shrink to small
We dance in sheets and contemplate
Your imminent downfall

Your shadow forms, outside my gaze
Malignant, void and bare
In waking dreams, of violent haze
I punch the naked air

In hate where I define myself
Where no one chose to be
To realise about yourself
The enemy is me

© Copyright Dean Stephenson 2010

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