The Daydreamer’s Encyclopaedia


Did you know clouds are wisps of cotton?
Escaped from frayed discarded covers
Blown on sighs of wistful lovers

Did you know come night, the sky is draped in thick black curtain?
Where men poke holes to let light in
With tiny forks and starlight grins

Did you know echoes are cries of silent ghosts
They mourn for love and hide in caves
Then steal your voice to serenade

Do you know why the crow is black?
They dine on eyes of toads and fish
And bathe in ponds of liquorice

Do you know how to make a butterfly?
A glittered wing clasped tightly shut
With butter dripped in buttercups

Do you know why the tide ebbs and flows?
The earth is but a turquoise sweet
That tilts when swapped from cheek to cheek

Did you know archers paint the sky?
They fire bows in rainy weather
Of arrows made with peacock feathers

Did you know rain forms in Luna craters come winter?
From vapoured words that pass our lips
It falls like tears in melting drips

This is why come spring it flowers
From loving words in April showers
So speak with care when nights they gloom
For winter’s words plant summer’s bloom

© Dean Stephenson 2011

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